Why You Should Dive Into Data

2018 is a digital ecosystem. The Internet is a reality we cannot deny, “Social Media Influencer” is now an occupation you can list on LinkedIn, and trolling can be a new hobby to get into if you don't have much on your plate. We have transcended to a digitized world where information can be anywhere and anytime — just by going online.

We have migrated to the Internet and anyone who happens to be online can be a source of data. That’s billions of sentiments from billions of people. What should we do with all this real-time information? Or even better: what can we do with it?

Social Media has become an avenue for consumers to review products and services and it’s high time for companies to listen up more than ever. What we say online can alter the course of industries, in such a way that typical status rants about a choppy phone line can be converted into actionable insights for telecommunications. The answer to a corporation’s challenge might just be on your newsfeed; it’s just a matter of doing the right digital research to find out. In this rat race, a strategy is no strategy at all without data that is harnessed digitally.

With the omnipresence of data comes great responsibility. Online sentiments demand the need to be gathered, analyzed, and translated in order to hold value. Information overload reduces data and that’s why it calls for a system to understand it. Data can be overwhelming; all you gotta do is handle it right.

73% of 220 sentiments said that millennials are already talking about life insurance. 65% of 236 Filipino netizens consider themselves spenders rather than savers. 68% of 290 netizens prefer eating out. As of November 2017, 73% of netizens believe that data analytics is a positive change in the Philippines. It’s amazing what you can find out with high quality research. We surprise ourselves sometimes, too. RTL dreams big for data in the Philippines. We’re constantly itching to research data that would help elevate industries, because with better industries come better Filipinos.

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