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Computers don't care. We do.

RTL believes that business is more about shared beliefs―not profits—and relationships are as important as results.

We are your partners in the expanding and chaotic digital space.
We listen for you in real-time. We sift, analyze, and translate big data into simple, actionable information. We help you understand so you can make decisions.

RTL is a culture-centric organization with technological capacities focused on innovation, growth, and simplified solutions.


Culture is a verb, not a noun for us. We take care of our own – from pioneer partners to new hires. We also apply this same value system in handling our accounts. Ultimately, growth is what RTL wants for everyone.


Our people are our most valued assets. Our diverse workforce is highly invested in our common goals - this is RTL's most sophisticated technology.


Our work has only one guideline: What works. We are a walking-shorts-and-sneakers kind of company. Result is the uniform we require here.


Fun & Positive is our yin and yang. We miss our office and colleagues during weekends. We love Mondays. 'Nuff said.


We agreed to decentralize leadership and idea generation, and put creativity before conventions; so far, so good. We are effective not because of MAs and PHDs, but because we think and move as a unit.

We're in an ecosystem driven by effort.

We decentralized the distinction of org charts and processes. Instead, we move through constant collaboration. Individuals are designated in teams we like to call "circles" by skill set and competence. In this set-up, job titles don't matter-only output and collaborations.
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Bayanihan is in the heart of our organization.

Bayanihan is a Filipino term taken from the word "bayan", referring to a nation, town, or community unity to achieve a particular goal.

Beyond our office walls, we are regularly involved in volunteer work. We select partners and clients that we know can make strong, good social change for the country.

We volunteer in one of the biggest grassroots movement in the Philippines, to help alleviate poverty, and in relief operations for disaster-stricken areas.

We service ENGOs in expanding awareness and effectively communicate their advocacies through digital media.

We help our partners and their supported organizations to communicate their stand and make them look good.

We believe in doing every bit of what we can to push for progress. We want to cultivate a sense of integrity at RTL. Whether it is in what we do at work or outside, we contribute good changes for the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

RTL is a creative digital research and consulting firm founded in 2013. We help people and organizations by transforming data into actionable solutions. Our mission is to make information simple, useful, & actionable for high-level decision-makers. RTL advocates redefining information in the age of social media.
With 60% of the Philippine population online, and growing, we cannot deny the importance of listening to and engaging the digital voice of Filipino people. Additionally, unlike surveys where questions are provided and answers solicited, digital sentiments are usually raw, real-time, and unsolicited and therefore much more valuable to corporations and agencies. To be successful entrepreneurs, you must be able to adapt to the ever changing business environment.
In RTL, we use a combination of technology and human intelligence to ensure our clients that we provide intelligent and actionable solutions to their concerns. Real emotions and sentiments of people are read by real researchers. By employing human researchers, we can understand, explore, and explain things a machine cannot. We read above, and in between the lines.
RTL is not a social listening tool. We do use software tools to help our researchers refine our data but all are reports are checked and created by 100% human effort. As part of our research, we provide our clients basic analytics such as engagement rate, audience growth etc. We also create content and provide results to your social media activity. More importantly, we help your business create strategic solutions. For more of what we can do, see our product portfolio.
Simply put, we get our data where it is available. Examples of social media platforms we check are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, and Community Forums (Pinoy Exchange, Reddit). We also check local and international news agencies for trending and potential viral issues.
RTL respects the right to privacy of netizens. By studying and recording online sentiments, we only retrieve, use, and record information that are expressed in public platforms. It should also be noted that our data is limited to what is provided and what can be inferred based on what is publicly available from a person’s profile. RTL - Research and Tech Lab does not intend to compete or replace traditional research but instead complement traditional research by providing raw, real-time, and unsolicited sentiments from clients and constituents.
RTL can submit daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual reports in various forms. For more information on the products and our solutions, please email vip@rtl.ph
Our data does not 100% represent the behaviour and sentiment of the Filipino people. However, it has already been stated that around 60% of the Filipino population use the Internet. RTL reads and listens to the sentiment of these population, in real time.

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