We turn complicated data into actionable solutions customized just for you.

We stand between intentions and digital technology.


    The CEO Dashboard harvests and processes big data for decision makers in aid of high-impact solutions.
    Vast is a syndicated research tool that goes beyond social listening and into humane analytics by data into meaningful and actionable business solutions. It covers four major areas of interests, The Digital Filipino Today, Trending Issues, Behavior and Industry Specific.
    Our Media dashboard processes data across all networks and media platforms for high level decision makers in aiding them in creating strategies.
    PoliticKs is the app that gives you real-time political issues and the nation’s pulse, all in one place. Available for iOs and Android devices. Download the app!
    The Governance dashboard is designed to inform and equip leaders by harvesting data through geo-specific reports, monitoring issues and profiling.
    Monthly reporting system that will help your business adapt in this changing information landscape. This will help you get a “grasp” of your industry and your competitors.

    We’re in an ecosystem driven by effort.

    We decentralized the distinction of org charts and processes and instead, we move through constant collaboration. Individuals are designated in teams we like to call “circles” by skill set and competence. In this set-up, job titles don’t matter, only output and collaborations.

    Bayanihan is in the heart of our organization.

    Beyond our office walls, we are regularly involved in volunteer work. We select partners and clients that we know can make strong, good social change for the country.

    We volunteer in one of the biggest grassroots movement in the Philippines, to help alleviate poverty, and in relief operations for disaster-stricken areas.

    We service ENGOs in expanding awareness and effectively communicate their advocacies through digital media.

    We help our partners and their supported organizations to communicate their stand and make them look good.

    We believe in doing every bit of what we can to push for progress. We want to cultivate a sense of integrity at RTL. Whether it is in what we do at work or outside, we contribute good changes for the country.

    Bayanihan is a Filipino term taken from the word "bayan," referring to a nation, town or community. It refers to a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular goal.

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